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A slip and fall injury are the most common injuries that occur to people due to recklessness or default in the surroundings. Though the accidents seem to be minor, the damages incurred are high and can be frustrating for a long time. Thousands of people make claims every year due to slip and fall injuries and are specially addressed by a slip and fall lawyer. Fall from a balcony, shower or sidewalk falls, slippery wet floors, improper construction of stairways and flooring or elevators can often cause injuries which in some cases might be life-threatening and can even cause the wrongful death of a person. For these reasons people generally seek an attorney for making a claim regarding this matter. For a free consultation contact Philadelphia Injury Lawyers P.C. on their website https://philly-injury-law.com/


To help the civilians with their problems there are special kinds of lawyers at numerous law firms that better understand the law concerning these issues and can be sought for help. There are certain points one must always consider when having a rightful claim before his/her injury attorney such as negligence of property owners, complaints of existing hazards or any other specific issues for analyzing the problems. A property owner should have the necessary obligations regarding the safety of their property and the people invited over. In certain situations, if the owner is negligent or knew about the problems that led to the injury of the person, the claim can be adjudged and compensation for the injuries should be granted to the person suffering from the injury. Hence, for having the best claim over the property owners’ negligence for compensation cost one must hire a lawyer that is well-versed with the fluke injury law and has expertise in cases regarding Slip and fall injury.

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For you to make a worthy claim for the compensation cost for the injuries incurred one has to have a validating reason. Some of the reasons could be:

Wet or broken floor:
If a person slips on the wet floor and faces minor accidents or injuries that cause high damage and can be vulnerable to high medical attention cost, then in such cases the victim has the complete right to make a claim for the compensation cost.

Object misplacement:
If the object is placed at a certain place where it should not be and the owner has neglected it due to which the injury is caused then the victim can have his/her rightful claim for injury compensation.

Owner negligence:
If a certain object or place posed a threat to the people invited on the property and the owner knew about it but did not do anything due to his/her negligence and recklessness then the victim has a right to claim.

Absence of warning posts:
If the property owner fails to provide a warning post like “wet floor”, “broken floor” to name a few and a mishap is caused then the victim has a right to consult with his lawyer about the claim.

If the owner fails to get his/her property regularly maintained or serviced or fails to provide proof for the recent successful servicing and maintenance then the victim has full right to consult a law firm and hire an attorney for making the claim.

Previous accidents:
Is the place prone to accidents and was there any accident that was witnessed at the same place? In this matter, the owner if knowingly neglected it, the victim has the complete right for a claim.

Bad lighting:
If poor lighting and dimly lit places were the reason for less visibility causing accidents, then the victim can hire a slip and fall lawyer.

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Having valid reasons are not enough for making a claim unless one succeeds to gather evidence worthy of going against the property owner. Gathering evidence is of utmost importance is needed as proof to be provided to the judge and the jury during the court proceedings. Some of the ways to gather evidence are:


Photographs of place where the accident took place or the photographs of cuts, scratches, bruises or blood or torn clothing can be provided as proof.


The victim should manage to have the details such as name, address, phone number of the person who was present there as a witness during the time of the accident. Presenting a witness to the jury is helpful and has more chances of getting the claim.

Accident Report

If the accident is causedby a convenience store, one must not forget to get the report of the accident from the manager as it acts as a piece of evidence. The store and its owner are fully responsible for the compensation of the injury caused to their negligence thus allowing the victim to make a rightful claim.

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In certain situations where the victim could not find or fails to gather evidence then the responsible attorney slip and fall injury at the law firm helps the client with everything possible within their limits to gather evidence to be provided before the judge and the jury.

Some common places for slip and fall injuries are tripping over the pavement, staircase, parking lot, slipping on a wet floor, swimming pool or falling down in a departmental store, restaurant, gas station. All these injuries can be serious or fatal though they are minor accidents. Hence for these reasons, you must consult a lawyer at a reputed law firm that deals with fluke injury law.
The legal liability for the whole injury rests upon the shoulders of the property owner and is completely responsible if he knew it beforehand and neglected it due to reckless behavior. The property owner must compensate for the cost of medication for the injured person if he failed to correct the dangerous condition properly. It is the responsibility of the owner to know about the problems and dangerous places on the property that may cause injury or pose a threat to the invited people allowing them to have a claim against the owners.

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